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Association for Speakers of English (ASE).

Föreningen bildades i början på 90-talet och invaldes år 2006 som medlemsförening

i Mäster Olofsgården.


Antal medlemmar: Cirka 20


Styrelseordförande och kontaktperson: Brian Ashley

E-post: brian.ashley@telia.com


Association for Speakers of English (ASE Club)


This Club was formed about 20 years ago by a number of expatriates, with English as their mother tongue, who had permanently settled in Stockholm after coming here after marriage or job. They felt a need to develop social contacts with other speakers of English and so decided to meet regularly for a weekly lunch and to arrange occasional excursions together. They also built up a library of books in English and arranged a book exchange at the weekly lunch. This exchange was eventually extended to a second weekly meeting to discuss reading and other topics including talks by members and invited guests.


All members find the meetings an important means of support through making and keeping social contacts. The membership is maintained by welcoming English-speaking friends of members and newcomers to Stockholm to visit the lunches and the discussion meetings and, if they support the clubs aims, to join the club.


Since its formation the club has used several different venues with varying success and, therefore, felt very fortunate when, several years ago, Mäster Olofsgården offered accommodation for the weekly discussion meetings and the library. This offer has been made more permanent by Mäster Olofsgården and the ASE cooperating to have the weekly ASE discussions recognized by Stockholm Stad as an adult education course. The club values this association with Mäster Olofsgården and hopes it will continue to develop in the future.

Mäster Olofgården  

Svartmangatan 6, Gamla stan

111 29 Stockholm

08-10 20 19 


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